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Essential Viewing 2016

I saw 96 movies and television shows in 2016. I wish I had kept better track in the beginning of the year but the majority of my watching happened between September to December. This is a massive list. Not all was...
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INTERVIEW: Envy On The Coast – 11/29/06

I just noticed the first website I every worked at on Down The Road Webzine has gone to a better place. This site gave me the opportunity, at just 16 years old, to write about music, interview bands and fall...
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Bleed For This

I would like to preface this with two things: I am not a sports fan and watching two men beat each other for fun makes me squirm. I am not into boxing or MMA, or any of these events that...
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Edgar Wright Presents: The Driver

The past few weeks have been quite the adventure, hence the silence. Not only did I get a new job but it has finally hit me that I am in my final year in London. My first year here has...
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Woody Allen pt. 2

I am now halfway through the Woody Allen movies. My original plan was to power through but there are twelve of his films on this list but it is getting really hard to listen to him speak. That’s not to...
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Woody Allen

I was first introduced to Woody Allen in University. I went to a small liberal arts college and Woody Allen was oddly a large part of my memories during my first year. My roommate was in one of his plays...
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Long Weekend

This was the last long weekend in the United Kingdom until Christmas – and I failed. My goal was to crank out at least six movies over the three day period but only achieved half that. The movies I did...
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1000 Movies Project

Today i have decided to challenge myself. Since (re)watching Julie and Julia – its a comfort movie – I have wanted to start an intensive project. I thought about cooking, writing about restaurants in the city or seeing movies in...
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The Rory Gilmore Book Club Challenge

I am an massive fan of the Gilmore Girls series.  The show is a fantastic series about a strong mother -daughter duo with witty dialogue, fantastic story-lines and incredible pop culture references. The revival of the show on Netflix got my thinking about...
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