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Jeff Who Lives At Home

This oddball dramedy completely surprised me. Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie that has not gotten a lot of press, yet sits at a fairly solid 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. Directed by Jay and Mark Duplass, Jeff Who […]

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How I Met Your Mother

I was on the A.V. Club site today, procrastinating from my readings and saw this article about the show How I Met Your Mother. Basically, the creator, Carter Bays, is saying they have no intention of ending the series any […]

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Bret McKenzie

When I learned Bret McKenzie was the music supervisor on the Muppet Movie, I was thrilled. Flight of the Conchords was a really funny show and the songs were always very catchy. The Muppet soundtrack is no exception and ‘Man or Muppet,’ […]

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The Muppets

I found this article reviewing the new Muppet movie, which is very interesting. It talks about the 98% on RottenTomatoes and the 3 reviewers who disliked the film. I saw the movie on Friday and have been consistently watching Jason […]

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Obsessions – Movies

I was really excited when I heard Jason Segal was taking the reigns on the new Muppet movie. Based soley on Forgetting Sarah Marshell and his random songs on How I Met Your Mother, I believe he could do something […]

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